Onward and upward!

This is a May update on the historical Box Cañon Sign.

The first meeting of the “Five Guys” was May 11th, 2017…  and the second meeting was one year ago today, May 17.  In that period of time “Five Guys” are very close to accomplishing our goal.  The goal is to help the 109 year old lady to renew her looks and bring her back to life.  This summer we will see her up and lighted.  Keep watching for the exciting day.  What a GREAT DAY that will be for the city of Ouray and the “Five Guys.”  Some are amazed that we can make this happen in just over 12 months…  we will do it…

Thank all of your for your moral and financial support… both have been needed.

“Five Guys and a Sign”

Ralph McCormick, Chairman, Glynn Williams, Louis Fogleman, Mike Hakola, Tim Walters.

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