On a rare meeting, we met Timothy Moore and his wife (from Arkansas) in Ouray in June 2021. His forte is flying drones. I showed him the Box Canon park and shared some history of the sign and how the Five Guys repaired it. He offered to shoot some drone shots of our sign at no charge. I accepted with a smile. They are are his donation to our sign. For his efforts, we graciously give him credit for the photos. Thanks Tim.

The management and work on the sign was the “Five Guys”, however without our partners this project might not have ever gotten off the planning stage. The names of generous donators below allowed the committee to continue without interruption. Their donations allowed the committee to function in haste to get the sign down, repaired, and backup in just over a year. There is a plaque in the Box Cañon Park of the sign with all these names as a show of gratitude from the committee, city, county, and state. Perhaps, more than a hundred thousand visitors to the park will pass by the plaque honoring all those below.

The process of removing the sign from the mountain, repairing, lighting, and returning it to the mountain side should be made into a move. The process would go from serene to catastophic in a matter of minutes and then back to serene. As Chairman of the committee, I was honored to have worked with the other four “guys” to complete the sign and continue maintenance on it.

Major Donors

The Dave and Mary Wood Foundation
Jim and Lesa Cyr
Those who “purchased” a letter.
Michael Sullivan
4 J RV Park
Box Canyon Motel
Mike and Wendy Bazin
Citizens Bank of Ouray
Roger and Brenda Heckman
Elizabeth A. Kuehling
Stephen G. and Nancy Trefz

Donations from individual and companies

Massard Trust
Darren Delp
Christina J. Genuit
Hotel Ouray – Patrick and Patty Biolchini
Teris Kim Schery and Mark Lipsey
Arlene L. Warynick
Bob and Marsha Miller
Cooling Heating and Air
Jennifer Lynn Coffey
Ken Charles

Rick and Jill Matton
Sue Ellen Hirshman
Mary L. Boland
Richard and Sandra Diehl
Sue Stern
Charles and Marge Wilson
Michelle Nauer
Vernon Hughes
Ellen MacDonald
Mark Wood
Warne and Gail Todd

Coulter Construction
Alternative Power Enterprises
Hinkson Construction
Alan Todd – Ouray County Plaindealer

Photo by Ralph McCormick of the completed plaque mounted inside the Box Cañon Park. This plaque will remain protected in the park from now on with information about the sign and listing all of the above partners. They are our rock solid partners in the 2017-18 repair of the sign. We can’t say THANK YOU enough!
Photo provided by Michael Jones Circa 1926.  “The man standing on the ground in my great grandfather Vernon Reed, stated Jones.”

(Above photo taken about 1926 provided by Michael Jones)